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Welcome to Circus Wagons

Welcome to the Circus Wagon website, a huge educational undertaking provided by the Circus Historical Society, Inc. For many years, circus historians have been tracing the history of the wagons used in the circus. Many have complete histories and many have just bits and pieces of that history. We will be offering numerous wagons in as documented a manner as possible including known photographs that show changes and details. We hope you enjoy your stay with us. Come back often. This is the only website in the world where you will learn about these magnificent wagons of the circus past.


Realizing there are hundreds of circus wagons to talk about, we have attempted to break them down into categories. Some wagons such as the America, are more well known as a calliope rather than a Tableau, so it is listed as a calliope. Simply click on the wagon photo below to go to wagons in that category.

Band Chariots or Bandwagons

Adam Forepaugh Band Chariot

Baggage and Work Wagons

Sells-Floto Shop wagon


Toby Tyler cage

Calliopes and Musical Instruments

America calliope in 1996


Mother Goose Flaot


Asia Tableau