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Norris and Rowe Band Chariot

The Greater Norris and Rowe Circus Band Chariot

by Bob Taber

Norris and Rowe Band Chariot

( 1905 – Pfening Archives )

This interesting photo shows Pop Smith’s Band on the Norris & Rowe show in 1905. The wagon was “lost” after the demise of Norris & Rowe until it showed up on Harley Sadler’s Bailey Bros. circus in 1935. Together with other Gentry cages from Bailey it went to Frank Walters in Houston, Texas.

Norris and Rowe Band Chariot

( 1939 – Joseph Bradbury Album # 15 – photo # 17C – this is the old Norris and Rowe Band Chariot at Frank J. Walters in Houston, TX. )

In 1954 Clyde Beatty used the Walters equipment for a parade. The old Norris & Rowe wagon sometimes called the Great Wallace bandwagon, was fitted with rubber tires by Perry Luth for use by the Beatty show. The parade was abandoned in mid-season of 1954 and the parade equipment was returned to Deming, New Mexico. The wagon remained there and was destroyed by fire a year so so ago.

Norris and Rowe Bandwagon

( 1954 – Joseph Bradbury Album # 5, photo # 57D – former Norris and Rowe Bandwagon as seen in Los Angeles in April of 1954 )

(1) Excerpts from the Greater Norris and Rowe Circus By Bob Taber. Bandwagon, Vol. 3, No. 6 (Nov-Dec), 1959, pp. 7, 9, 11-12.

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