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Calliopes and Musical Instruments

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      Adam Forepaugh Steam calliope           Al G. Barnes Serpent Calliope           Al G. Barnes Circus Air Calliope           America Calliope           Atlas and Neptune Calliope           

      Cupid and Horn Calliope           King Bros. Circus Steam Calliope           Gentry Bros. Twin Steam Calliope           Great Wallace Steam Calliope           Gollmar Bros. Air Calliope          Hagenbeck-Wallace Steam Calliope

      Howe's Great London Shows Steam Calliope           Indian Head Medallion Steam Calliope           John H. Sparks Circus Steam Calliope           John Robinson Steam Calliope           Ken Maynard Air Calliope          Mighty Haag Steam Calliope

      Ringling Bros. Bell wagon           Sells-Floto Circus Steam Calliope           Sparks Circus Air Calliope           Two Jesters Steam calliope           Walter L. Main Calliope           Yankee Robinson Steam Calliope