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John Robinson’s Six Mirror – Asia Tableau

John Robinson’s Six Mirror – Asia Tableau

Six Mirror Tableau Circus wagon( 1900s – Joseph Bradbury Album # 19 – photo # 53B – John Robinson 10 Big Shows Mirror tab and clown Band – P. M. McClintock collection )

(1)This wagon was presumed to have been built by the Olson Wagon Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1890s for the John Robinson’s 10 Big Shows. It was used on the show through the final 1911 season.

(2) According to Richard Conover in his book, “Give ‘em a John Robinson” as found on page 66 and 67, this wagon had four of the six mirrors removed after the 1900 season. A large elephant carving was placed in the middle and the word ASIA was added below it. This was numbered 58. This became a companion tableau to their Europe Tableau which carried four coats of arms of European Royalty. The Europe Tableau was numbered 62.

John Robinson's Asia Tableau

(1900s – Joseph Bradbury Album # 19 – photo # 67A – John Robinson 10 Big Shows around San Francisco area – Don Frances collection )

(3) From 1912 to 1916 it remained in the winter quarters of the John Robinson show.  In 1916, Jerry Mugivan and Bert Bowers bought the show from the Robinson family. They immediately sold the equipment to John Warren for $5,000.00. Mr. Warren later sold it all to Ben Wallace, who had it all moved to his Peru , Indiana winter quarters. From 1916 to 1922, the wagon was located at the Peru winter quarters. While it is possible the wagon may have been leased out over the years, no solid evidence has been found. The wagon’s history after this is inconclusive.

(1) Joseph Bradbury wagon records

(2) “Give ’em a John Robinson” by Richard Conover, pp. 66-67

(3) Letter from Jerry Mugivan to John Robinson dated March 31, 1916 – Cincinnati Historical Society collection

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